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HY-C Fire Chief FC1100E Indoor Wood Burning Furnace

HY-C Fire Chief FC1100E Indoor Wood Burning Furnace

Blowers, Fireboxes - Wood-burning, Electric
This Fire Chief FC1100E add-on furnace combines exceptional quality at an affordable price. MADE IN THE USA. Works with existing furnaces and HVAC duct work to heat up to 5000 square feet. Easily connects to existing duct work. Pre-Wired Electrical System - Fully automatic components are pre-wired for your convenience and will reduce electrical installation time and expense. Thermostatically controlled draft adds convenience and comfort determined by the temperature setting of your Fire Chief wall thermostat. 3-Speed Blower Motor - Allows for gentle circulation of air when heating requirements are low and high. Secondary Combustion Chamber - Increases fuel efficiency while re-burning smoke and wood gases before they are vented up the chimney. Cold Air Return/Filter Box - Standard equipment on the FC1100E Indoor Wood Burning Furnace by Fire Chief. This box filters the system air as well as connecting a cold air return duct necessary for good installation. Cast Iron Baffle - Directs the combustion air flow below and above the cast iron grates creating the maximum fire temperature for every pound of fuel. Lifetime Warranty. Cast Iron Roller Grates - Designed to roll 360 degrees from either direction allowing fine ash to drop into ash pit and leaving hot coals in fire box. Lifetime Warranty. High Grade heavy (7 & 10) gauge steel is continuously welded for maximum structural strength. Removable Ash Pan - For safe cleaning and convenience. Furnace Specifications. Height: 50.5. Width: 26. Depth: 39. Maximum Heating Capacity: 5000 sq ft. Maximum Btu Output: 200000 approx. Maximum Log Size: 34. Flue Size: 8. Fire Chamber Volume: 11.00 cu ft. Plenum Size: 12 Round. Door Size: 13 X 14. Height to Center of Flue collar: 44.5. 3-Speed Blower Capacity: 1150 1500 1800 cfm. Blower Power Supply (Volts Amps): 110 20. Warranty - Firebox: 5 Year. Warranty-Grates Castings: Lifetime. Optional Accessories for the Fire Chief FC1100 Wood Furnace Heating System:. AM-BD12 - 12 Back Draft Damper. TB-24S - Hot Water Coil with Hole Saw. *The BTU ranges and heating capacity Specifications are provided as guidelines only and in no way guarantee the output or capacity of the unit. The actual BTU output depends on the type of fuel being burned and its condition the draft adjustment and the chimney that the unit is hooked up to. The actual area that the unit will heat depends on factors such as the condition of the building heat loss type of construction amount of insulation type of air movement and location of the unit.
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